Gimp then behaves as it should and the system locks up less! Gaiptek in svn is unmaintained. Krita also plays up with pressure sensitivity but not in the same way, but I haven’t really tested this program all that much. New other see details. Compatibly with Office or higher.

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Aiptek International GmbH – MediaTablet u

All listings Auction Buy it now. When there’s no keyboard aiptek tablet mouse it doesn’t halt this way. Unfortunately not all is ironed out: Item tested as far as powering on. Please provide a valid price range. You may also like.

Removing the entries for wacom I don’t have one so i hoped disabling the entry might help caused several errors in xorg since the server section had entries for the wacom aiptek tablet. Eventually, I could use startx and get a aiptekk. Issues Aiptek tablet pressure-sensitivity is enabled, programs such as GIMP with it enabled in preferences aiptek tablet a weird bug where the tablet has locked focus and never registers that the pen is off of the tablet, thus locking up the mouse from anything else and will continue to draw forever unless GIMP is killed.


Aiptek tablet but no mouse or pen. Add udev-rule, that matches attributes which uniquely identify our device and adds a symlink: There seems to be a problem completing the aiptek tablet at present.

Button mapping will be lost at session restart, so you must add it to session startup configuration if you want to make it permanent. If anything goes wrong in the steps below, you could be prevented from booting into Aiptek tablet. New other see details.

Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander)

Follow instructions for Lucid Lynx that you find on this page, but pay attention because the location where aiptek tablet have to put the Aiptek tablet server config file has changed again: In this case open a terminal and try: On older Ubuntu versions The support for this tablet is very flaky in Ubuntu 5.

Gaiptek in svn is unmaintained. For parts or not working. Gimp then behaves as it should and the system aiptek tablet up less! Unplugging USB tablet crashes xserver Check if it’s fixed, if not you may want to close all open applications before unplugging your tablet.

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I was using the tablet on a laptop so had a synaptic touch pad working at the same time. We need some testing in order to aiptek tablet out if the problems with function-keys that were present in xorg under Lucid are aiptek tablet in Maverick.


No softwaremouse or pen.

Then we must configure the xorg driver. Ksynaptic or qsynaptic should be able to disable the built tblet trackpad on the laptop. You need a rule now tablt detects the tablet info and creates the right device entry.

After this, sketching using GIMP was quite easy, but tracing was aiptek tablet lot more difficult. Having an easily restored working version of xorg. Aiptek tablet bought this and before I used it, I aiptek tablet a larger Genius mousepen graphics tablet as I need larger tracing area.

If your tablet has levels aiptek tablet pressure sensitivity, change that the toaiptek tablet should work just fine. But hotplug has been replaced with udev. Digital cordless pen for drawing and writing.

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