Still, the brand-new X video card of ATI, the harbinger of the long expected new video card generation, induced us to look closer at the A8JR once more. Especially at the region of the vent holes the case slightly yields under pressure. The mAh battery has a runtime of 2 hours at low demands. The noise emissions are a weakness of the A8J series. Typing feels comfortable and is rather quiet. Log in or Sign up. Speakers This notebook has two speakers, which are placed at the front side and emit their sound toward the desk.

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Similar to other Asus notebooks the design supports a slim and light look-and-feel by a at the lateral surfaces tapered case.

Review Asus A8JR Notebook

Especially at the region of the vent asuz the case slightly yields under pressure. What I assume is that the recovery partition is conflicting with some settings in XP. You can pick it up without problems at any edges and corners without unreasonable torsions or creaking a8j, which is an important facet for a mobile 14 inch notebook. Regarding deflection resistance, we have to mention, that the display cover can be clearly pushed in without applying much force.

The mAh batterywhich is already the bigger solution than the mAh standard battery, cannot not convince by runtime.


I initially tried formatting and installing xl my original win xp SP2 disc but after the installation and reboot, it says missing operating system. The Asus A8JR is a compact 14 inch notebook Please share our article, every link counts!

This is the first time, we could review the performance of the ATI X video card. Try reformatting and removing the recovery partition.

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This leads to a maximum calculated contrast of During the installation there was also a recovery partition, but I’m guessing if I ever want to use the recovery discs again, I had better zsus mess with it. The Asus A8JR’s display comes with two metal parts, which gets caught asux the base unit upon closing, quasi a reverse ramshorn hook system. Also the F-keys are of smaller width and the height was cut to about half of normal size.

An overmodulation of the speaker at maximum volume and the nearly always missing basses got apparent. Furthermore, there is a slight see-saw by adjusting the display’s inclination. Typing with this keyboard is in general comfortable. Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Speakers This notebook has two speakers, which are placed at the front side and emit their sound toward the desk.

Any help is greatly appreciated! The T is sufficiently powerful for all conventional applications.


Review Asus A8JR Notebook – Reviews

They are integrated in the same face, seamlessly coalesced with the pad. The noise emissions are a weakness of the A8J series.

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These are flat surfaces, clear lines and sharp edges, which seem compared to those of Apple nearly roundly dressed. The display’s brightness and illumination are good, however, it reflects heavily. Most of the comprehensive number of interfaces are placed at the back side. A test with the current real time strategy game “Supreme Commander” x, low Details resulted in an average of fpsan acceptable cause playable result.

The benchmark results of the X uncovers that it approximately reaches the grade of a Geforce and is a little worse than the Please, switch off ad blockers. Furthermore, it does not have separate touch pad buttons. The fan could be heard even without load. In practice you can assume a maximum runtime of about 2h during office operation.