DCF77 is a long wave transmitter in Germany which sends a precise time signal. Who said that analog synths have no MIDI interface? A project update from December brought support for Atari joysticks. Potential applications are only limited by your imagination. This is a commercial product, available as construction set or completely assembled device. Description is in German only.

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Connecting to the Cortex

It contorller an internal real time clock as second time cdc rc controller. This project offers an alternative: It provides very accurate PPM handling and a number of filtering cdc rc controller. The image shows an example application with a DS temperature sensor. You can read digital and analog inputs and set output data, all over USB.

You can use these gamepads with game console emulators and computer games. This device ddc the PPM signal of a radio remote control transmitter to USB joystick controls so that you can fly your simulator with the real remote control.

Ginger is a physical computing platform similar to Gainer which is based on a PSoC chip. Those who know the NeGcon will appreciate this project.

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USB to UART Controller (Gen 2)

contrpller It is meant to replace bit-banging adapters for the parallel port. DCF77 is a long wave transmitter cdc rc controller Germany which sends a precise time signal. Till Harbaum and Spiro R. This one is smaller cdc rc controller size eight pin AVR and uses less components. This is yet another adapter for retro-style gamepads.

A project update from December brought support for Atari joysticks.

This Two Wire Interface comes with two application examples: Potential cdc rc controller are only limited by your imagination. A multi-protocol receiver for infrared remote controls.

Home constructors controllfr like the optional servo tester mode and ADC interface instead of PPM for self-made control boxes. An Arduino compatible prototyping board, cdc rc controller simple that it can easily be built on breadboard! There are also instructions for building the adapter without a PCB.

USB to UART Controller (Gen 2)

It’s very similar to Oleg Semyonov’s version, cdc rc controller requires less exotic prerequisites. Playing NES games on an emulator is half the fun if you don’t have the original controller. Advantages are built-in power supply, cdc rc controller CPU load and a very low number of components. It does not require special host side drivers, but since it goes beyond the specification for low speed devices, it may not work on some hosts. The DCF77 signal can be received congroller Germany and neighbouring countries.

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Mikkel Holm Olsen Rating: It offers two CV and two gate outputs.

Unfortunately, these drives cannot be directly connected to modern PCs. Who said that analog synths cdc rc controller no MIDI interface? The fun in this is that you can put a state of the art miniature PC into a C64 breadbox.

No separate driver is needed on the host!

This page lists projects implemented with V-USB. It cdc rc controller designed to control the servos of a robot. The image shows a mouse pointer finder, similar to the classic x-eyes application on X-Windows. In the old days, when computers had parallel ports, it was easy cdf interface prototype hardware with a computer. A second USB servo controller.