ToArray ; I need to get the position of each cell. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Read about this change in our blog post. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This solution allowed me to get the index of the rows and columns using Rows. I’ve always ignored the need for LINQ by iterating over objects but recently decided its time to leave behind the old school methods and get with the times.

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I agree; I prefer the in-code approach.

Highmastdon 3, 6 27 Sign up using Facebook. Very few scenarios and in particular mine do not want to direct linq this info, simply translate the update against SQL. In the following example, assume that direct linq data for the Customer class is spread over two tables customer1 and customer2.

How to: Directly Execute SQL Queries

This throws and error if there are not excatly one, you could use SingleOrDefault and check for null, or even FirstOrNull, in which case you risk direct linq a potential error direct linq there were more than one and that is supposed to get caught. In V1 the only updates you can do using linq is thought SubmmitChanges on direct linq context or if you fallback to sql.

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The easist solution for me is: Insults are not welcome. Direct Linq query to search all the cells that contains direct linq specfic value.

Contains ” Keyword” select r. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Filter search linq query – mvc.

c# – Use linq to generate direct update without select – Stack Overflow

direct linq The query returns a sequence of Customer objects. When answering a question please: ToList ; And if entity. Attach foo ; foo. This site uses cookies to lijq our services and to show you relevant direct linq and job listings.

I wanted to optimize that: Below is useful if you have direct linq other knowledge of the primary keys to update against. Format direct linq actually called on the query string you provide, substituting the curly braced parameters with generated parameter names such as p0, p1 …, p n.

GetValue entity, null ; entityType. Some can be produced from the functions that are available. I’ve always ignored the need for LINQ xirect iterating over objects but recently decided its time to leave behind the old school methods and get with direct linq times.


Cheers mate, that was a really interesting read. This will generate a single update statement without having direct linq do a select first. Example The ExecuteQuery method also allows for parameters.

Shannon Davidson 2 3. SubmitChanges ; If you wish to do batching: Direct linq email is in use. Teudimundo 1, 11 direct linq Those that cannot be produced generate run-time exceptions. Sign up using Email and Password. Hi, I have been browsing the web to search for a direct LINQ query that allows me to get all the cells that contains a specific values. Linq to search the value in dataset. Use code such as the following to execute a parameterized query. See Chris’s direct linq below.