CadJet T Service Manual Carriage Test – Prints 5 sets of 3 parallel lines to test the vibration characteristics of the carriage assembly. Lift up on the front left side of the Carriage Cover until it comes part way off of the Carriage Assembly. While holding the Right Side Plate, remove the screws securing the side plate to the Platen. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The current value of the media counter is maintained across power cycles but is not stored as a user parameter. Introduction Printer Options Menu Tree Technical Info Error Messages Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Calling for Help If you have tried the suggestions in this manual and still need assistance, call the reseller where you purchased your printer. The cutter fits into the left side of the carriage.

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Left Side Parts Breakdown. To t2000 the Paper Calib test pattern Cartridges may wear out encad t200 extended use. Check the LP print service. Make sure the correct side is up against the rollers, and the right-hand side is aligned with the Front Media Alignment Mark on the front of the Platen.

Comparator This portion divides the output of the reference waveform generator by two and compares it to the output of the motor current encad t200. The paper calibration can vary encad t200 on the type of media being used. CadJet T Service Manual 8.

Do not touch or work near encad t200 circuits without wearing an ESD wrist strap. The media in the printer can advance forward and backward, depending upon the commands which the Stepper Motor receives from the microprocessor. Text items in italics indicate that selecting the option gives access to a menu with further options. In this chapter you will find an over- view of the printer and steps for calibrating the printer after it is installed. File will not print Check your electrical connections.


CadJet T Service Manual The cartridge dimple area can easily be contaminated by oils and dirt on fingers and hands or ink spilled onto them. Obtaining Quality Encad t200 Extensive testing under a variety of extreme environ- mental and production conditions ensures encad t200 ink performs consistently.

Carriage speed Carriage speed lets you determine the number of dots ehcad second that encad t200 laid down encar the carriage moves over the media. Prime Encad t200 provides access to a further menu for choosing an individual cartridge to tt200. CadJet T Service Manual 1.

ENCAD T-200 Service Manual

Do not pull the lock too hard as you unlock the connectors or the lock may encad t200 off. While dncad the Right Side Plate, remove the screws securing the side plate encad t200 the Platen.

Guide the belt while sliding the Carriage Assembly from left to right on the Slide Shaft. Encad t200 Margins are set to Normal the defaultthe print area is smaller than when Margins are set to Expanded.

To remove the Encoder Sensor: Make sure the media feeds freely. Hold the encad t200 of the MPWA while removing the screws. When the waste bottle is full or removed from the printer, service station functions will not be permitted. The two examples in Figure represent classic types of hardware and encad t200 banding errors.

The drive consists of a servo motor, linear encoder strip, drive belt, and tensioning assembly. The speed of the Carriage Assembly is controlled by varying the duty cycle of the signal applied to the controller. Page 7 In no event shall ENCAD be liable for any loss of profit or other commercial damages, special, incidental or consequential damages, or any other damages or claims, whatsoever. CadJet T Encad t200 Manual The gate array contains the hardware logic for dot firing, monitoring changes in the Carriage Encad t200 position, controlling DMA through the parallel port, receiving commands from the microswitches and generating the PWM Pulse Width Modulation waveforms for the servo controller.


CadJet T Service Manual 5. Beachten Sie deshalb die Hinweise in der Bedienungsanleitung. Disconnect the Trailing Cable connector at the J6 location. Reinstall the Carriage Assembly. Save User provides access to a further menu to save the current printer configuration to the selected user number. You will print one color test encad t200 for each car- tridge. Serv Station Menu provides access to encad t200 menus for filling tubes and encad t200 cartridges.

Introduction Chapter 5 contains the procedures for removal and replacement of encad t200 CadJet T printer assemblies and mechanisms. Encad t200 a flathead screwdriver, press the Electronics Cover tab located in the upper slot encad t200 the left side of the Carriage Assembly. Remove the cartridge and wipe the carriage flex and cartridge flex with a cotton swab moistened with water. There are no adjustments on either end of the shaft in all models. Illustrations are provided for clarity.

encad t200 These items are illustrated t2200 Figure The Paper Media Axis Drive moves the plotting media in a direction perpendicular to the length of the printer. Certain manuals are distributed by Eastman Kodak Company in an electronic. Memory If the “Insufficient encad t200 memory” A difference had to be calcu- lated to compensate for the lack of a jet plate assembly on the test cartridge.

Choose the size of media you are loading. Carriage Speed Color Mode Hardware vs Software The technician must be encad t200 to identify whether the banding that is being observed is related to either a hardware or a software problem.