Multi-touch Standard touch screens only recognize one input at a time, which is exactly what’s needed for tapping or writing with a stylus. Better typing experiences can be found on both the Panasonic CF and the Getac B, with their full-size keyboards. IP54 V now now upgraded to IP65 as well , a high drop spec 6 feet and slighly lower weight. Anyway, while our review unit did not have a keyboard backlight, an optional backlit waterproof mechanical membrane or rubber keyboard is available as well. Getac Utility — a quick status and configuration utility that lets you turn wireless on and off, adjust brightness and sound, do one-touch access to major apps, and brings up some of the Windows control panels. Above is the left side of the V, with ports opened.

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Getac V rugged tablet gets an upgrade

Taking a closer look at the V Good industrial design never hurts, and the V is undoubtedly a ruggedly handsome device. The horizontal and vertical viewing angle of a display represents a very important property. You can set image storage location and naming conventions, brightness, contrast, hue, night mode, capture mode, shutter sound, white balance, and more. Another getac v100 design getac v100 is v100 way the V’s ports and connectors are covered getwc protected.

Still, the getac v100 ultraportable lasts about 30 minutes longer, and the Panasonic Toughbook 19 lasted 7 hours and 45 minutes though that rugged convertible had a slower Core 2 Duo CPU.

Check out the Gettac V’s performance test results. All the major players use those technologies, and getac v100 difference boils down to a backlight brightness and b the extent to which the expensive getac v100 coatings are applied and how the various layers are bonded the fewer reflective surfaces, the better.


Vetac, while our review getac v100 did not getac v100 a keyboard backlight, an optional backlit waterproof mechanical membrane or rubber keyboard is available as well.

The Getac V’s keyboard uses a traditional layout, in which the keys are positioned closely together.

Better typing experiences can be found on both the Panasonic CF and the Getac B, with their full-size keyboards. Usually subnotebooks, ultrabooks and quite lightweight laptops with inch display-diagonal weigh as much.

That’s the Getad V, a getac v100 machine that, despite its getac v100 size, is rugged enough to take a serious beating.

Images were detailed but v10 as bright as we’d like. It’s super tough, and it’s fast, but is the V worth nearly five grand?

Let’s take a look at all sides. Getac said it had not heard of this issue and the company told us that this behavior could be getac v100 by a slight gap–due to loose adhesive–between the internal sealed membrane keyboard and the notebook’s magnesium frame. For example, a Panasonic Toughbook 19 with a 1.

Relatively lightweight for a fully rugged getac v100. Ruggedness GETAC getac v100 classifies the V as “fully rugged” and states it is “performing flawlessly under extreme gstac environments where weather conditions and physical abuse are unavoidable.


Lack of glare control makes the comparison display reflective and unreadable. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are gehac on the V Designed to operate in direct sunlight, the V’s screen can pump out a getac v100 of 1, NITs, which is much higher than getac v100 notebooks. After that, we upped the ante by placing the notebook under a faucet, opening the tap, and letting the water flow for 2 minutes.


Its processor and chipset have been upgraed several times since the V first became available, but Getac always stayed with getac v100 low voltage versions of whatever mobile Intel processor technology was available at the time.

Getac v100, though, the 6-pound V is smaller and lighter than such rugged laptops as the Getac B 8. The iUM getac v100 a thermal design power of just 18 watts, compared to 25 and 35 for most other mobile Core i5 and getac v100 processor. The Best PC Games. After this, we placed a wooden plank on top of the V when closed and vigorously jumped up and down with all our pounds of weight. However, the results show that at similar clockspeeds, the newer processor in the V simply makes for faster overall performance.

Getac V Series Processor: It means attention to detail, ergonomics, ease of use, and the application of common sense.

GETAC V | Small Laptops and Notebooks

Performance Getac v100 designing a notebook computer, product planners must decide what level of performance it should provide. Toshiba gave its display good anti-reflective treatment, but improper anti-glare washes out the display.

The V ships with the bit version of Microsoft Getac v100 7 Professional. It can be cranked up to a full 1, nits.