I am just trying to confirm that the output is really 48 volts …. If both test fine, try reinstalling Windows from scratch. Hit the enter key. You said the laptop shuts down after minutes and this sounds more like heat related issue. During this time I dont move the laptop or try to fix it it just stops charging and startgs again by itself. Toward the front of the notebook, it is reasonably loose I could separate the top and bottom halves of the case without too much problem , but the back halves of the case are firmly sealed. July 16, at

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hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

The offical Toshiba fix is to hp pavilion ze4800 this and then run a bead of hot melt glue around the connector. I have been able to do a hard reset and get the power led to come on steady, but there is no hard drive led or activity when I do hp pavilion ze4800.

My question is what is the best way to remove a jack that is glued and soldered in? It still charges my battery and when I plug it in without the pavlion the blue light still comes on indicated it is connected to the powersupply, however when I push the power button nothing happens…any ideas. Left hinge contained the display cable, Right hinge contained a black and a white wire that snake through the bezel of the LCD and terminate on 2 different side into some hp pavilion ze4800 of pavioion.

I replaced my dc jack and I tested the continuity and it beeps on my meter. If not you might need a new cord: Everything worked for a while. When did you ze44800 notice the problem??? Hit ze48800 enter key.


Repeat the same process again: Also, new adapters for Asus Z99 laptops available on hp pavilion ze4800. I guess there could be a problem with the pavioion. It still could be bad even though the battery light is on. When I set up the screen saver, certain ones will work for a little while if I set them on preview for a hp pavilion ze4800 time.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

July 18, at How to you test the amperage? It gave me a lot of the same symptoms as the failure of the power jack on the motherboard which i re-soldered 2 years ago. I did open it up from the access panel and found the CPU hp pavilion ze4800 had lost a screw. Make sure the AC adapter outputs correct voltage. I have been hp pavilion ze4800 it by just plugging the charger into the wall.

My problem is the AC Adapter ze4800 5 different ze48000 heads and only one of them fit the outlet.

If so, is it repairable or does the motherboard need to be replaced? Should you get a new laptop? February 13, at 7: They are cheap on eBay.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

February 20, at The laptop starts but there is no backlight. December 13, at 6: The laptop will not switch of, I have to remove battery. Two weeks later, Zs4800 have these problems, and the laptop dies…. This page will be updated on a regular basis so please check back for the most up to date information.


Hp pavilion ze4800 I understand correctly, you can turn it on pavipion there hp pavilion ze4800 no light on the screen at all?

That would explain why the laptop shuts off intermittently. It is a fragile corner.

However, in testing the amperage output, which is supposed to be 1. Hhp tried to desolder it using the iron and a desoldering band. For example could you replace an Adapter with an output of hp pavilion ze4800 6.

Am I on the right track for troubleshooting this problem?

If you have two RAM modules installed, try removing them one by one. Can I salvage my hard drive? Yes I am in over my head and I do admit it but I have been trying to get my computer fixed for nearly a year now and it is upsetting. The voltage is exactly the same and the amperage is higher than required by the laptop. Though the problem is that, the battery hp pavilion ze4800 the laptop adapter was borrowed by his friend a few weeks back.

Again, thank you for posting the heads up where it was likely to be found by many people like me. The only test you can do at home is a hp pavilion ze4800 inspection. Both models have input of v hz, output of