Includes the useful and detailed technical Sales and Specification Catalogue. Large page volume published by the company with very detailed photographs showing the machines in use and the application of special fittings. Two editions of the manuals are included, one with Exploded Component Parts Drawings and the other with sectional and cut-away drawings. Electrical drawings and many useful Sectional Drawings. A set of clear instructions, based on the Myford unit but applicable to any make, showing how to use the plates and position the sector arms, etc. Parts Book as Exploded Component Drawings. Although not a handbook, there are many descriptive and illustrative details of the machines’ construction, drive systems and countershafts including sectional drawings of the various headstocks.

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Available in English, French or German. This is the best manual available to get these machines working efficiently. This edition appears to be the one issued for machines sold outside Hp photosmart c390 with the main text still in Hp photosmart c390 but some English annotations on diagrams.

Five large drawings showing: Parts Catalogue as Photographs and Engineering Drawings. Several editions of this book were published – this is the most complete. Operation Instructions with 5 engineering drawings.

Assembly and Operating Instructions. A complete data pack for the machine containing all known literature. Precision Grinding Techniques – hp photosmart c390 Primer. Includes 4 electrical schematics.

Magnificent page publication that has cut-away pictures of most mechanical parts and includes the Use of Accessories together with a complete Parts Manual with detailed Exploded Assembly Diagrams. Operating, Servicing, Lubricating and Disassembly and Reassembly Instructions; includes a copy of the maker’s useful page Technical Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue.


Includes 4 large electrical and mechanical drawings.

Operator’s and Maintenance Manual with the special “Service Drawings” originally a separate publicationa second, more concise edition and a copy of the maker’s comprehensive Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue. Also included is a comprehensive and useful Technical Sales and Specification and Specification Catalogue with descriptions of the mechanisms, some Sectional Drawings and annotated control charts. Maintenance Manual with large Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics.

Includes a copy of the maker’s comprehensive Sales and Specification Hp photosmart c390 illustrating all hp photosmart c390 many attachments and accessories. Includes 2 Sales and Specification and Accessories catalogues.

This literature represents a complete data pack for the lathe. Detailed Instruction Manual with Electrical schematics. Includes hp photosmart c390 copy of the detailed, profusely illustrated and very interesting page FP2 Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

Not a first-class copy. Includes details of both 4 and 6-speed versions. Hp photosmart c390 but useful 22 page publication. Includes comprehensive details of the screwcutting arrangements for metric and inch pitches and copies of all the screwcutting charts – imperial, metric and conversion – and a copy of the now rare maker’s Sales and Specification catalogue.

Cross drilling milling Attachment. Installation, Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as sectional drawings and an electrical schematic. Operating Instructions with an electrical schematic. A separate 5-page Manual for the Meteor 2 is also included.

Contains sections with English, French and German text. Electrical Diagrams, Hydraulic diagram, a large foundation plan for all sizes. This is not the same as, or a substitute for, the Manuals listed as A to C.



Hp photosmart c390 Instruction Manual and Maintenance. Detailed page Service Manual and Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams showing every aspect phptosmart the machine. Useful Exploded Diagrams showing in detail how the tooling is assembled with descriptions of what it can achieve.

Explanatory Booklet, which details the principles, which must be adhered to for successful operation of a Hp photosmart c390 and Cutter Grinder.

Maintenance Manual with detailed dismantling Instructions. This was first published at a time when photosmaft similar lathes were on the market – and non had any worthwhile hp photosmart c390. Other Schaublin literature lower down the page. Harrison inch and inch older types If you are not sure what model photowmart Harrison is, just email photographs to: Includes complete translation of the text into French and German – and copies of the useful Specification, Sales and Specification and Accessories Brochures for each model.

This hp photosmart c390 the assembly of the machine and the many accessories and how to mount them correctly and safely. Includes a copy of the original sales and accessories catalogue.

Also available with Russian text.