I’m using an iMic interface with OSX It would be great to use a laptop, but if USB stuff is not up to the task screw it. Helge, Dec 15, Or is there an easier solution? But cheap, it isn’t. I don’t think I will attempt it.

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Help! Can’t uninstall iMic ASIO driver from “”

Even the default buffer size of samples. You have the latest beta version right? Aug 31, Posts: Using multiple audio interfaces.

I prefer real life experience, my education and audio publications when it comes to audio, not computer sites. Jan 17, Posts: Same driver I pointed out above U24, Apogee.

I’ve previously tested another generic ASIO driver with my UA-1A but wasn’t terribly impressed with it although to be fair it’s still in development. Thu May 08, 5: Aug 6, Posts: Originaly posted by Unit imoc It means that or you will pay a lot for performance you would get on less expensive external gear or that you will get a bad audio card.

Prodipe iMic

Otherwise things drift, the samples don’t line up, and you hear mad clicking, popping, and distortion. But now, suddenly, the iMic output has become silent input still works.


My devices are connected to my computer by USB alone currently, and my monitors are plugged into my computers speaker jmic. You audio guys, does the Firewire stuff have better latency or is it a function of the driver?

It’s half rackspace so it will pair up with a 1U stereo power amp and speakers nicely.

Micros Prodipe iMic Prodipe

If you want the best of both worlds, of course, you go to something like the Echo Layla 24 — PCI interface, dedicated cable, and external box. Does it the competition?

Even though a typical PC tech could find pretty valuable infos I notice more than one omissions or mistakes, usually for the sake of simplification, which is not bad in itself, its just good to keep in mind. Thu May 08, 3: Gonna try the demo and see imkc it’s any where near worth it. Pangenitor Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Originaly posted by DriverGuru: Jmic you have a device in the system that has no ability to sync slave to another because it doesn’t have word clock input or a digital input to clock fromthen you will have to make said device the clock master and sync everything else to it.


Mon May 12, 3: But here’s the kicker: You can connect 49 different audio interfaces and other digital devices but you must always pick one of them to use as clock master and slave all the others to it. That implies a 10ms response time.

Originally posted by Richard Berg: That iMic has no inputs of course. Or is there an easier solution? As always Ars kicks ass! Thu May 08, 7: Latency was not a problem at all.

That’s all it has to do basically.