Thanks for your reply anyway. I just updated it because there was a newer release and i thought “hell yes”, but since i updated it every game except Minecraft keep crashing saying that I need to update my driver. How do i remove my intel driver??? Any major game made this decade will probably choke on it, should it run at all. Please don’t accuse others of not having a low end system. GMA Integrated graphics. I I’m going to install the bit, 2.

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If I uninstall something, I just install it back, I don’t need restore.

Intel Gma Modded Drivers Download

Never owned intel gma x4500 modded X, but I did use a laptop with an X a fair bit worse than the X for several years. I don’t think the GMA x will be worse than the GMA which is notoriously known as the worst integrated solution ever.

Intel gma x4500 modded reading your post, I have been trying to download the driver but unable to do so. Or download from these links: SniperBNA can maybe help there, he created these drivers. When Moddrd go to uninstall the driver, a window pops up and it says: If you want specifics, post your question to the Weekly Thread.

Its still a very shit igpu though.


I see V3 has been released. Dirt showdown intel intel gma x4500 modded m normal vs modded driver. The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

GMA Integrated graphics. It is best that you ask on official forums, http: Legend May 24, at 6: No problem, hope you enjoy in win7 and games!

Amit-The Learner April 27, at With modded drivers it runs and runs great. How do i remove my intel driver??? Hi, I also getting the same problem above.

intel gma x4500 modded Depends on what you think “horrible” is and what you consider to be a “retro box. Alex January 4, at 9: Or try version 2 of royalbna and version 3 beta If that doesn’t help then I don’t know the fix: How about the options on Image Enhancement?

Didn’t test any games older than that, but it pulled intel gma x4500 modded 3DMark03 and in 3DMark Vantage entry preset. I know it can handle them, but I want to see performance in some AAA titles. In i bagged a clearance Toshiba from best buy that had a single core celeron and 2gb of ram with vista basic, it had the xm, not the hd one unfortunetly. Karolinger March 8, at That would be amazing.


I got the intel gma x4500 modded error. It sports a Pentium E Dual-Core moddded. I’m back at the restore point and my old drivers are back and everything is back to normal. User test-runs his new Asus xta on a variety of games and posts results. No problem, here you go http: Anonymous June 10, at 9: