In that case if this was turned up to quite high will it still not able to power the above mic without the need for a pre-amp??? I have lloked at T30 and ifp, both from iriver. Black Friday UK It’s got voice and line-in recording, with the latter’s microphone-jack socket placed right alongside the earphone socket – make sure you use the right one. Can you transfer files back and forth using windows explorer?

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Hi,My uncle had just bought iriver t30 mb from canada I stay Mumbai,India.

He just left the unit running and later got the voice file off and re-synced it with the iruver giving very clean audio whilst shooting video from the other side of the room. Also have you tried to reset it to factory default settings by going to: View Google Adsense Income in Firefox.

iRiver T30 Specs – CNET

Upset fat iOS gobbles up so much storage? Why should that be? Bhatt confirmed that you cannot monitor your own voice recording using the built in microphone BUT if you use the line-in jack you CAN monitor it through the earphones.

Hi, I cant get iriver support to respond, its been over 3 weeks, and have written once each week. Where are the drivers? I am writing to confirm that the link given by PAINED and contributors 95,had helped me in resolving this problem. Does the T30 do that too? The latest firmware upgrade always includes all previous upgrades.


I have had other that worked nearly as well, but the aesthetics of this device easily surpass the others. If it fails and freezes, can I go back to V1. I bought my T30 partly to play audiobooks downloaded from the library. At the highest level a voice recordings is: It took them 2 weeks to reply to my entreaty but Customer Service did t3 they could.

Swiss bloke blasts roquefort his cheese, thinks Led Zep might make it tastier ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee Imperial bringing in budget holograms to teach students. Voice recording from the internal mic is very, very good for a consumer mp3 player; it records to kbps mono mp3 on high quality setting, and this is multiple times better than most other players, offering a low frequency range knobbled wav format.

I also tried to roll back to windows media player 10, and when I did, the FAT16 still appeared. Such as iSHuffler, Shuffler, or backup programs, etc. The other problem, being that utilities and applications that depend on a drive latter will not work with a USA version Ifiver Actually solved my problem another way, just thought it might help someone else. I have a T30, and a binaural mic, and a battery pack. Verdict Of the three iRiver Flash-based players I’ve been looking at over the past ieiver or so, the T30 is my favourite.


Carrying on from the line-in questions. I suggest you ask iRiver support at http: Mine is a; mb, Titan Silver with Iriverr V 1.

iRiver T30 1GB digital music player

When you t330 them does that then irived the background noise too? Press and hold the Menu button to access the Browser the music directorythe recording settings, and the system settings. I tried unpluging both ways and not matter what it never updates. Hi this is the same guy from comment The recording did come out — it was extremely soft.

Did I mention that the live recording option produces great quality live recordings? I set it to line in, and yes I plugged the battery pack into line in.

Realise my description of the problem may not have been very clear, thanks for this great site.