I use them for about a month. They were connected to two other JBL speakers of the same series but a bit bulkier. Buy you do not regrtterai! For how long have you been using it? You must play to have the right monitors for the right situations. But these where a disappointment to me!

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They were connected to two other JBL speakers of the same series but a bit urx115. They are rated at watts peak and can preform very well all the way up to around Sort by most recent most useful.

I was very impressed when I took them out to my first show.

Buy you do not regrtterai! The drivers are very well made too. It wasn’t a problem for them, it wasn’t a concert!! They have plenty of power for most bands. If you have speakers that cant play over the general crowd noise jrx11 it really takes away from the whole experience because you can do what you want and say what you want to say to jr115 crowd but these people will still continue to have a good time no matter if you are playing or not.


Did you find this review helpful? If you really do not care how clean your low end sound is then these may be for you.

They were just what I needed. Because I know you can get a good sound with it the only thing I didn’t know was the mixer. But these where a disappointment to me! You must play to have the right monitors for the right situations.

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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I have used about 7 different speakers from JBL and all of them sounded pretty good especially the ones on the higher price range. Maybe I just expected too much out of these speakers, or maybe I expect too much out of JBL because of some of the stuff I have got from them before.

These speakers are very loud and have great bass responce.

They seemed to fit what I needed. What I like least: They are also very well built.

Of course, considering the output power of the speakers, the hum noise might seem unimportant to the audience! It was in early June that I decided my old PA speakers would cut it anymore. I have even tried them with several different mixers, but no matter what mixer or style of music I played it still was not to my liking. I almost got back what I paid for them so I was happy with it.

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They also have very crisp highs. They have been good to me so far. They seem to be very well built. Write a user review. And some monitors really have trouble being over the crowd. Simply Exellent – With the exprience, you do again this choice? I would say the weight because I can not find anything else!

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We did have some issues with getting them in and out of the van at certain times because the van doubles as our gig van and our real job van. So I decided to start looking around for some new speakers in my limited price range.

They have been holding up so far. I knew the jrxand I did not think that with the we had such a jrrx115 report.