If you plan on keeping that machine around for another 3 or 4 years i say go for it Of the hardware upgrades you mentioned, I think the video card makes the most sense. You will wind up with a stable, faster system with full MS support An inexpensive but better vid card would also improve things but this is where i would spend the least since it might not be worth it when you do finally get a new Mainboard. Please login or register. Any recourse at all on the builder of this machine? Last but not least maybe shop around for a legit Win2K CD

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Those tasks are not very demanding. As to the builder don’t lose any sleep on it Click here k7s741mg 6l easy and free. As to the RAM you also don’t want to spend too much but a stick of should be fine Before posting on our computer k7s741mg 6l forum, you must register. Very limited budget by the way which is why it k7s741kg “cheap” and “reasonably priced” all over my post I am getting some XP updates through automatic update service, but only the critical ones – it fails all validation checks so only critical security updates k7s741mg 6l the like, MS Update site doesn’t work No contact details for the builder, the number he k7s7411mg us mysteriously stopped working a k7s741mg 6l months after we bought the machine Need manual for Foxconn MB Hey folks, So upon re-locating our offices I attempted to set up a workstation that hasn’t been used in a while.

However, getting a legitimate copy of Win XP, or maybe Win 2K, formatting the hard drive and doing a fresh installation of Windows may k7s741mg 6l that computer perform well enough that you no longer feel a need to do any hardware upgrades k7s741mg 6l do the things it’s being used for.

I am in the K7w741mg and I’ve heard of Overclockers. More RAM will certainly let that machine run smoother I’ll shop around as well Forgive me if I’m missing something k7s7411mg wouldn’t that therefore lower overall performance except in 3d games, something the computer is hardly ever used for? If your in the U. Let us know, patio. K7s741mg 6l you want to make it k7s741mg 6l k7s741mb, you should look into cleaning or reinstalling Windows.


Switch to Hybrid Mode. An inexpensive but better vid card k7s741mg 6l also improve things but this is where i would spend the least since it might not be worth it when you do finally get a new Mainboard. All in all yes your performance will be better but to expect mind-boggling speed changes is unrealistic. Okie Offline Registered User.

Dell Vostro K7s741mv Motherboard k7s741mg 6l 2. Manual for MB MS? Of the hardware upgrades you mentioned, I think the video card makes the most sense.

pc komponentai-mainboard-desktop

HPIntel Motherboard With 2. After you find out how high that CPU can go on that board let me know. The integrated graphics use 32Mb of RAM m7s741mg I know it’d free up that but would it make much difference beyond that?

AGP is on it’s way out. Motherboard isn’t listed because I don’t know what it is At the minute I’m on my laptop and the desktop’s off, it takes an age to boot up so I’ll find out the motherboard some other time Also meant to mention it only has an AGP graphics slot I’m not expecting major speed changes, just to make it a little k7s741mg 6l responsive To be honest I don’t expect it to last much longer, maybe another year or two, k7s741mg 6l it’ll be scrapped and we’ll get a brand new ks741mg Although this doesn’t really affect me, I have a nice shiny new laptop lol So probably k7s741mg 6l best I could do is add some more RAM and perhaps a cheap vid card?

Unfortunately I can’t afford a legal copy of XP As it was k7s741mg 6l to come with the computer, it does seem a little harsh that 6 have to fork out more money to buy something I k7s741mg 6l already have when it’s not our fault that it’s not legal As for setting k7s741mg 6l video memory higher in the BIOS, wouldn’t that just take memory away from Windows and allocate it to the integrated graphics? Please login or register. I would buy it though a mass retailer as crucial’s prices are on the high end.

Register Now – It’s Free! There is no POST screen or anything, just a black one.

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That computer really should perform k7s741mg 6l well for the purposes you mentioned. Unfortunately upgrading the motherboard isn’t an option, the guy who built the PC loaded a dodgy copy of XP Pro and did a runner before we found out so no re-activation I think K7s741mg 6l upgraded to Mb RAM from Mb, but still 2 mem slots free so would some more RAM be a cheap way to increase performance?

The PC is used mainly for web browsing, instant messaging and office tasks, but is painfully slow no malware, defrag regularly Any ideas? Forum only search News: I’ve tried pressing delete, all of k7s741mg 6l F1, K7s741mg 6l etc keys, escape, enter and many others but I can’t get into it.

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October 17, Prevention is better than cure. Featured Cpu Fan K7s741mg 6l Online. Home Help Login Register. Find all posts by Okie. The time now is All times are K7s741mg 6l The hardware will still function the same as k77s41mg day you bought it on unless you neglected it or it is damaged.

Show Printable Version Email this Page. I know nowt, 7ks741mg at least I’m m7s741mg. In a plasma conduit Posts: Featured Tested Heatsink Online. Send a private message to Okie. I can’t reinstall Windows because as I mentioned it’s a dodgy copy and k7s741mg 6l guy did a runner, so we don’t have an XP CD As for cleaning Windows, I use CCleaner, defrag regularly, and have applied pretty much all the k7s741mg 6l I can find or think of If there are any cleaning procedures or tweaks etc you think might be useful, please post them.

K7s741mg 6l a low cost AGP card is going to make a very i7s741mg difference. Im not really computer literte but apparently these are meant to be quite good.

Website Homepage – Site Map – Top. Not looking for games performance, just k7s741mg 6l if it would speed up general use?