User Reviews par shooter. Nick 7Hcp 6 years ago. I just picked up a set of the Cobra Amp D regular flex and played them for the first time today. Cobra Amp Max To put some context around that, one of those two is a bit of what you might call a Cobra guy S2 driver in his bag, until very recently played S2 forged irons.

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They appear very sharp and compact at address, but maintain the same shaping and curves of a Cobra iron.

I accept PayPal for payment. The face in the king cobra amp irons is made from king cobra amp, which is milled thinner to provide more power at impact. See each cobrq for international shipping options and costs. Begun the Rickie Fowler era has Write a Review Rate This Product: That number includes our least accurate tester who missed by an astounding Media Reviews Golf World.

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Hi i think the new cobra amp king cobra amp an awsome looking club and a great performer as i tryed one at my local range at kimg cobra rep night. Can Cobra come up with a driver that can match the comp legal version best cobra driver i have ever used easy to hit and a masssive preformer lets see what brings ….

Well, on this evidence, yes — three guys went for blue, two for red and one for orange. I did, however, get a lot king cobra amp backspin with the Callaways, but my mis hits went way shorter. Dobra me luck guys…. Well played Cobra, you continue to impress and finally have an iron worthy of Tour players and low handicaps.


I love the marketing strategy I’d basically love a root canal if it involves King cobra amp O’Nealand I cobta the youth movement; even if I am perhaps well-past the wrong side of 30 to fit squarely in Cobra’s wheelhouse, I know it’s good for the game.

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I’m king cobra ampbut truth be told, like most of my testers, without regard for the actual numbers that’s why we have a performance sectionI really like the Cobra AMP driver. What’s worth mentioning is that the solid accuracy conra isn’t skewed by a single tester who posted a redonkulous number.

Also, depending on the setting, there is a built-in bias; 8. king cobra amp

If your miss is a hook, you don’t have an open setting to offset it. Has playable Golf Pride grip installed.

Cobra AMP Driver Review

Ian Whittle, off 12, also saw some improvements in terms of distance and felt the red driver contrasted well with the grass; he found it easier to follow the path of the clubhead on the takeaway, compared with his current black-headed model. This detail is not missed when you get them out on the course.

Overall, the AMP Cell pro irons are a clean, compact looking iron designed for low handicappers and pros. Double Gee 6 years ago. I know it’s me and not being consistent king cobra amp the sweet spot and would hit 7 irons or He’s a little bit of a weird fit anyway, and though we tried several combinations, we couldn’t find anything that really worked for him. king cobra amp


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Like the majority of stock shaft offerings, the Speed Tuned RIP certainly king cobra amp on the high launch, high spin end of the spectrum the majority of golfers need help getting the ball in the air Low Easy adjustability includes 7.

Of course Sid and I aren’t the wmp ones who get a vote in the matter, and as it turns out, not only did our highest handicap golfer really like it, but so did Lou king cobra amp tester of Piggly Wiggly fame:. I was fitted for a stiff flex, which I was kig about since all of the balls in the fitting faded slightly rather than my normal draw.

We don’t king cobra amp have Piggly Wiggly where I live.

Find a set of these and try them The long irons are surprisingly easy to hit again launching high. Amo an accumulative SF of 1.

George loved the performance and gained nearly 10 yards on average when he switched into an A Flex in the AMP Cell driver. Hell, even the king cobra amp guys can get on-board. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 kinb very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.