The immunosuppressant drug sirolimus was first discovered in the bacterium Streptomyces hygroscopicus in a soil sample from Easter Island. Six years later, only people lived on Easter Island, and only 36 of them had any offspring. Retrieved 16 March The ridge was formed by the Nazca Plate moving over the Easter hotspot. Retrieved 14 March You are always welcome!

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Mis dos hijitas junto a moai – Picture of Rano Raraku, Easter Island – TripAdvisor

According to some theories, such as the Polynesian Diaspora Theorythere is a possibility that early Polynesian settlers arrived from South America due to their remarkable sea-navigation abilities. It was believed that the living had a symbiotic relationship with the dead in which moa dead provided everything that the living needed health, fertility of land and animals, fortune etc.

Hutu explained us how one can get the permit: A large extinct palmPaschalococos dispertarelated to the Chilean wine palm Jubaea chilensiswas one of the dominant trees as attested by fossil evidence.

Uma riqueza,uma preciosidade Obrigada pela oportunidade de ver esta maravilha com tamanha riqueza de detalhes. View of Easter Island from space, Homelessness prevailed, with many living underground. Bellissime e affascinanti immagini!

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Experts, however, do not agree on when the island’s palms became extinct. The Statues That Walked”. Like its Chilean counterpart it probably took close to years to reach adult height.

Moai Statues, Easter Island, Chile

A major factor that contributed to the extinction of multiple plant species was the introduction of the Polynesian rat. Significant ecological impacts and major cultural investments in monumental architecture and statuary thus began soon after initial settlement.

Archived PDF from the original on 13 March Along dso Lemurians, survivors of lost Atlantis, also populated this country. The western and northern portion of the island belonged to the Tu’u, which included the royal Miru, with the royal center at Anakena, though Tahai and Te Peu served as earlier capitals. Social traps and the problem of trust. Famine followed the burning of huts and the destruction of fields. Of course, two days were not enough to carefully explore this dks piece of land forsaken in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Additionally, I have shared your website moaai my social networks Terry Cerda, Australia. He returned to Tahiti in December Easter Island once had an apparent script called rongorongo. Wow,Its really amazing work of nature. It was just great.

It is supposed [] that the 2. At contact, populations were about 3, We are in social networks. And only on the slopes of Rano Raraku volcano the statues the give you the most authentic impression.


Thanks for giving me opportunity to watch such dow. Toro, representing the government of Chile, signed with Atamu Tekenadesignated “King” by the Roman Catholic missionaries after the paramount chief and his heir had died.

Ahu Tongariki, Ilha de Páscoa, fevereiro 2009 – Picture of Easter Island, Chile

View of Rano Kau and Pacific Ocean. Obrigada meu Deus e Senhor, por tua grandeza e majestade!!! The AirPano team has photographed a great number of amazing places on the planet for the last several years.

These monoliths are made of solidified volcanic ash. According to oral traditions recorded by missionaries in the s, the island originally had a strong class systemwith an arikior high chiefwielding great power over nine other fos and their respective chiefs.