Your email address will not be published. So it can buzz in a variety of different styles as you do normal Windows tasks, and also give you game-console-style buzzy feedback when you’re playing games. Do we truly need another substitute for the keyboard? July 30, at 9: I will see if this trick works on Windows 8. Belkin Nostromo n50 SpeedPad is unique game controller which combines a keyboard and game pad into one integrated device.

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Kitepwr Mon, 15 Dec Well, it didn’t matter in what order I plugged and speedpad n50 on my Win test box; the SpeedPad driver-finding process always failed with a hugely informative “a function driver was not specified for this device instance” error, and that was all she wrote. speedpad n50

First is the eight-way directional hat, which works, surprisingly enough, like an eight-way directional hat. Good layout, solid feel, many setup options Worst points: First there are the ten keys, arranged in two rows and adorned with helpful insignias like numbers and arrows.

Speedpad n50 select the button you want to program, and then select the function you want that button to perform. Ever play a flight or space-sim with a mouse? Well, he may not speedpad n50 yet found the perfect solution, but he’s getting speedpad n50 darn close. Just checked and that exe file contains the lot! Thank you for letting me know — I will update the title!


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Your thumb rests on a standard digital directional pad, which is placed alongside a throttle wheel. Then insert the installation CD which will automatically starts speedpad n50 installer speedpad n50 a few clicks later, the Nostromo Array Programming Software is installed. Any time the heel of your hand is resting on the mat behind the mouse, the corner of the bumper will be annoying you.

And it’s not just for single keys. But that’s assuming that you bother with an n30 in the first place, which I think you’ll agree is looking increasingly unlikely. Speedpad n50 do not attach a file to your submission unless it is relevent.

Check the n50 out, if you’re in the market for such a device and feeling lucky. It was well protected with ample Styrofoam packaging material. IT Guy Wed, 01 Apr If you’re a dedicated gamer, and are looking for something to replace your keyboard for use in games, speedpad n50 try the Nostromo n50 and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you don’t like the pre-build profiles or there is not one for the game you want to run, you can build your own custom speedpzd using the handy Profile Editor. Speedlad mouses work fine when they’re new. Reboot and it will work. Hello All, I have been speedpad n50 for 2 weeks, hence the lack in blog updates.

But since I’d already been given the urge to smash a peripheral by the n30 mouse, I speedpad n50 apeedpad myself to keep trying to figure out the n50’s major malfunction.

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If you want to, though, you can. And it sticks out rather a lot on the mouse’s left side toward the camera in the above picture. Speedpad n50 just ain’t a speedpad n50 gamer unless apeedpad got yourself some weird-looking controller hardware. Your speedpad n50 address will not be published.

I’ve been seeing this in some of the malls for years, can’t remember it it was the n50 or n52 interesting product n5 certainly out of most normal gamers and some hardcores like myself price range.

When botched, they can spell doom for a peripheral. A quick blurb about speedpad n50 basics The macros can include delays between sspeedpad, for rocket-jump tricks and the like. These other-hand gadgets are typically as asymmetrical and thus right-hand-chauvinist as the lopsided ergo mouses that lots of people use these speedpad n50.

Nostromo n50 SpeedPad Review – IGN

I had speedpad n50 bout 2 years ago but I sold it because everybody at the lan party’s swore that i was cheating in Jedi Knight. This will load the registry editor.

So, without further ado, here are Belkin’s speedpad n50 in both the funny lookin’ mouse and button-encrusted left hand widget categories.