Unfortunately we only have one with a regular flex. I moved to an R5 with a stiff shaft — better, but still producing those high balls that start moving right and pick up major speed, throwing me into a hazard or OB. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. This has been my experience anyway. During my one round of golf, I hit every fairway and most of the shots were either a slight draw, straight, or slight fade that stayed in the fairways on every hole.

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We are all in the 55 to 60 age range. I mishit a draq of balls on the range and the draw club seemed to minimize the mistake much better than the traditional. Swing hard and drive yds.

I will definitely buy a R7 Draw taylor made r7 460 draw I can find a good deal. Conclusion The r7 Draw has two key slogans. Hold your position feet and ball, spine angle and have a friend give you your new Draw club. A process by which the club face is made separately from the taylor made r7 460 draw head — with very strong titanium — and produced in an exceedingly fast, flexible, and light club face. With the soft tip I am afraid the But this driver has a few other features r will help your tee shot.


I have an inborn fade that just has not come into play and I can work a draw…amazing to me. The 18th is a Par 5 yards with a bunker right across the fairway at yards — I drove it yards down the middle and hit a gentle 5 iron into the green.

This has not been the case. I think its time to trade in m Ping i3s for some TM Drraw too…tested them 3 weeks ago and they are certainly much more forgiving. Hit another, same result.

The TaylorMade r7 An Oldie but a Goodie – 3Balls Blog

Have thought about updating but l don’t think l will now after looking at the reviews here. Bought one recently to replace my king cobra f speed That i thought i hit far but i was wrong when i got this. I have been a taylor made r7 460 draw for about 25 years.

Do they make this same club with a 3 wood? In our tests, a natural gentle fade was straightened up and a straight shot turned into a nice gentle draw.

Best driver I have ever owned. I picked up the r7 Draw, hit it well from 4660 start, and my confidence off the tee has improved ten-fold.

The advice I need is, based on your experience is the 9 degree 1 degree closed face preferrable over the This page was last updated: Skip to main content.

TaylorMade Ladies’ R7 Draw

My clubs got stolen, so with my insurance money I am looking at getting an R7 Draw Driver and 3 Wood. I still shot a 44 and played the last 5 holes in one over without hitting a good mid iron shot. I went to my local golf shop and traded it in for one of these puppies. taylor made r7 460 draw


The first time I tried the driver on the range, the first three shots went dead straight. No warm up, no practice balls, stepped on 1 tee and hooked it.

taylor made r7 460 draw Your Reviews Taylormade Drivers User Reviews 5 out of 5 R7 24 June By dm taylof is a great driver, very forgiving, have found the perfect balance with the weights and am driving better than ever!!!! I also posted an eagle for the first time in a few seasons.

I am definitely hitting more fairways with it and have hit some of my longest drives that I have ever hit.

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Notify me of new posts by email. The exceptionally large head is designed to make it extraordinarily forgiving and extraordinarily easy to launch.