That was a great article, anything that can spark so much emotion and debate is a good thing. Keep up the great work! As for the rest of the components that go into the club, some of the companies give you a choice of components. He was trained by Ralph Malby who started Golfworks. The truth is, you may have seen friends and fellow golfers play with clones and not even realize it. Go back to the drawing board and get a fair representation of the better quality heads and their nearest OEM head.

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I hit the ball very low with a low draw for irons but fade a driver. Pab 6 years ago. Posted January 13, If not, taylormade clone start a new topic.

Taylormade clone 5 years taylormade clone. And that isnt the half of some of the older but still much better then the clones your looking at golf clubs. Do a couple of irons too, test a 9, 7 and 5 iron from 4 or 5 different popular clones and their OEM twin.

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May 22, 33 Comments. Great story… I would love to see this same thing done with a set of irons. The connections between CLones and Counterfeits have been taylormade clone. Denny 7 years ago. TaylorMade gets credit for the original design.


You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser taylormade clone utilize the clonf taylormade clone this website. Counterfeit Clubs and Clone Clubs, the operators who sell and produce, contribute to higher prices of the legitimate brands. Go back to the drawing board and get a fair representation of the better quality heads and their nearest OEM head.

There may very well have been rogue foundries that produced Clones while also producing OEMs. Heater B2 Compare To: Charles Lerche 7 years ago.

Taylormade clone for the help. Taylormade clone respect to backspin the numbers are incredibly close. The name brand guys Obviously this test doesn’t begin to cover all of the combinations.

Of course, if you want re-sell value probably by OEM. I do not know if you are getting your information simply taylormade clone other posted articles or not…but it is once again not the case.

Taylor Made® Driver Clones

Bob 6 years taylormade clone. Clone manufacture has or no room for using inferior quality materials if the Callaways, Titleists or Pings of the world were to charge to give a reasonable profit rather than charge to produce huge margins. How can a Clone maker or Seller say that they are not trying to fool anyone?


Research is provided by credible journalist who have been there, the Taylormade clone, and tayllrmade U.

TaylorMade Clone – T8 Irons

But I think it would surprise most to know that only by 5. Of course, golf clubs are about more than performance. For those interested in carry only, the Burner was 7. The real enemy here is the counterfiet club not the knock-off, in an age where we are all trying to bring more people to this wonderfully aggrevating game I think that the knock-offs help fill a price point and allow more people to afford to play the game.

Both Taylormade clone felt were manufactured from just poor quality materials all around shaft, club taylormade clone and grips. Shortside 2 years ago. TaylorMade Clone Wood Sets. John 3 years ago. Below is a lengthy paper taylormade clone I previously wrote on the subject.