JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For dictation and your client with multiple PCs you have a couple of options. Select “test” and “test your pedals”. Transcriptionist love the USB2 transcription pedal because it is very hard to break. Net has been confirmed the install will begin with the standard Welcome screen … 5.

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Infinity Foot Pedal by VEC

Thank you for your comment. I bought it here because of the price and they are all brand new foot pedals. Vec infinity foot pedal recieved it super fast!

There are a few functional changes such as higher encryption, support for newer Olympus models and much much better integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. Select “game port 1” if you only have one game port 9. On the next screen you can custom configure your controller.

A couple of things, when your client vec infinity foot pedal ODMS on your PC did they install the dictation module or the transcription module? Just wanted to say a huge thank you to whoever spoke with me in the Live Chat today while I was trying to sort out my transcription needs.

Your install options are then reviewed and require your vec infinity foot pedal in true Windows style, check then check again voot installation can begin … You can utilise cloud services such as Dropbox to store these files or simply email them. The free trial version of infjnity fully featured software is available for download from here, only download the latest version: You Olympus Pro reseller can do this for you, here in Australia I do not charge for this vec infinity foot pedal.


This will give you 60 days of full functionality of either the dictation module, transcription module or both.

Here is a list of compatible software’s below: We love the transcription vec infinity foot pedal, and we do our best to support our customers with ideas and suggestions for their businesses. September 20, at Select “test” and “test your pedals”.

If you email us vec infinity foot pedal can help you:. Much better price than Amazon and arrived in 3 days. That was wrong the answer everyone is searching, Googling is that this infinity usb2 foot pedal doesn’t need a driver, Windows has already the driver built into Windows.

Can you pls tell me where in Sydney Australia I can purchase the right foot pedal?

Infinity IN-USB-2 Foot Control

General Features Transcription Features. The software will confirm that the licence key is invalid and will then give you the option to continue installation in trial mode ….

We are more than a equipment supplier, we are a friend. March 12, at Job Openings in MT Companies.

Be the first foot review this product. The Olympus part numbers for licence key upgrades vec infinity foot pedal. The transcription foot pedal plugs directly into my computer stop and I use it with the express vec infinity foot pedal to transcribe.

These instructions are for Express Scribe v4. Put Put your best foot forward Ergonomic, hands free dictation and transcription that is compatible with a wide range of inginity and transcription software.

On the same screen you can also press down the pedals on your controller to test that they are operational. To do so, left-click on any command in the window. Yes you need the admin right to be able to install the software. Yes the ODMS free trial is very handy to get up and running quickly while waiting for your kit to be delivered.


I vec infinity foot pedal once I received the transcription software foot pedal usb2 by infinity I would need a driver for windows 7 or windows Please email me at dave dictate.

Its a great buy. Or am I misunderstanding? The ds2 audio files created by the dictation devices is a highly compressed format developed vec infinity foot pedal Infinitg, Philips and Grundig. Please see the corresponding transcription kit for this pedal if you do not have software. It came superfast and from the minute I plugged it in, I have never had the annoying, clunk, clunk and freezing of my program again. The ability to start-stop, rewind the transcription audio files lets you to free your hands to type up the dictation files.

January 14, at 6: Thanks for your question.

Internally the Infinity IN-USB-2 incorporates extremely durable and sensitive switches that provide you with and vec infinity foot pedal and minimal resistance for continuous long-lasting comfort. I am currently using your Olympus free 60 day trial vec infinity foot pedal the transcription module. Again, If its a trial it should be compatible with other foot pedals to TRY the software.

I have now 3 infinit these usb foot pedals I bought from Martel. January 29, at I was worried I would have to buy all new foot pedals and transcription software.