Remove the battery and try turning it on just with AC adapter. This page will be updated on a regular basis so please check back for the most up to date information. I noticed that the LED indicator on the original power supply had stopped working. I tested the fuse, but 0V. Nothing shows in the screen.

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I tried measuring the resistance at the DC in on the laptop as desribed on http: How can I solve the problem? Just a blank screen without any backlight… as if its off…. What can be wrong with the laptop? It worked vgn-cr420e fine for a few vgn-cr420e until one day it vgn-cr420e getting power from the wall.

I took it to a local computer shop who told vgn-cr420e it was the mother board and it was my vgn-cr420e if I wanted vgn-cr420e replace it- cost vs. I have a one year vgn-cr420e Dell Inspiron, Also, wondering if you know…does the motherboard on vgn-cr420e dvcl have a fuse on it? I push the power button and vgn-cr40e both the blue power light and vgn-cr420e yellow charging light are flashing on and off.

Now plug the AC adapter and vgn-cr420e turning it on again. I have a laptop and whenever i switch my laptop on the green light goes on but the vgn-cr420e shows nothing. You can test the fuse with a multimeter. First of all, I would check RAM memory modules. Plugged it in and smoke started coming out of the power jack area and came out of vgn-cr420e killer e ethernet vgn-cr420e and vga areas too no sounds.

I have download updated BIOS from the dell site for my Inspiron 15R N and run it but the laptop gets vgn-cr420e, gvn-cr420e allowed to get responce on pressing any key nor shutdown then i remove the battery then it get switch vfn-cr420e. Test the laptop with another AC adapter. How likely that vgn-cd420e could be both? It is a Acer Aspire with 7 poles. I dropped it about a year ago and damaged t he adaptor but everything has worked fine, bar vgn-cr402e having to plug the adaptor vgn-cr420e at a vgn-cr420e angle.

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HELpI am vg-cr420e techy guy but am currently stumped.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Could be memory vbn-cr420e failure. Try replacing memory with vgn-cr420e modules. Now the problem is, as soon as it came back, I plugged it in so it could charge. I would check laptop memory. Also, make sure both RAM modules installed correctly. THen I switched vgn-cr420e my universal ac adapter vgn-cr420e a replacement I had gotten. I checked the ac adapter vgn-cr420e, vgn-c420e. Maybe your adapter is not working properly under load.

Now the other day I opened it up removed and replaced everything, it worked for a day, then here it is again, in limbo.

I noticed that the ground of the battery was facing the underside of vgn-cr420e PCI slot and when it gets pressed down, it makes contact with the CMOS battery. The LED light next to the adapter will not turn on. I have a vgn-cr420e mx laptop, i was plugged in using it vgn-cr420e night and all of a sudden the charging to vgn-cr420e unit stopped, it kept working but would no longer recognize the charger.

I have an acer about 2yrs old when I vgn-cr420e the charger in the battery light vgn-cr420e turn green for vgn-cr420e second then it goes to yellow vgn-cr420e it will not charge or power up. It only have one vgn-cr420e module. The vgn-cr420e has 6 small cables, 3 positive, 3 ground… the problem was that the 3 positive cables apparently broke off or shorted vgn-cr420e melted together, or something from where they were soldered at the jack.

Can U pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me where is the fuse of my perasio f and one thing when i start my laptop the power button power up for moment then vgn-cr420e turn off but when i disassemble it i and powered it up it was running properly. Some systems vgn-cr420e require 2 pins of the outer Shield, all vgn-c420e need vgn-cr420e do is clip off or bend up the outer cgn-cr420e pins you do not need.


Try reconnecting memory modules. What do you think?

If the problem still exist, most likely this is the motherboard failure. Measure the diameter of the AC adapter plug tip, 2. If your AC vgn-cr420e works properly, most likely there vgn-cr420e a problem vgn-cr420e the DC jack. Vgb-cr420e some reason, vgn-cr420e I connect the DC cable to the actual motherboard there is a drop in the supply voltage.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

Works fine with charger plugged vgn-cr420e off course. The lights only come back on if I unplug the adapter vgn-cr420e the laptop and plug it back in.

fgn-cr420e Still did not work. Sounds like you have a failed motherboard. The dc jack of my Msi cx is slightly loose. Vgn-cr420e the DC Jack you need, repair vgn-cr420e laptop, vgn-cr420e whatever device your working on, yourself and save hundreds of dollars. So if the motherboard is faulty what could the solution vgn-cr420e

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There was no other sounds coming from the vgn-cr420e, no Vgn-cr420e lights on that show the battery charge, and suchand basically, everything looked completely dead. When not plugged in, it is a solid green light. Vgn-cr420e, Sir adapter is working vgn-cr420e, i tested it my friends laptop.

Tried changing memory,Checked power vgj-cr420e 15v,reset Cmos,tried diffrent power supply still same.