Shawn Trask December 10, If the piano is going to be used strictly as a keyboard controller, you’ll need something else for the sound. Good luck with everything A sound module probably wouldn’t have built-in speakers, leaving one more thing to worry about. This is a huge help!! Before I held down the Voice button, I was able to get the AnyTime to transmit the midi tone to the Yamaha, but would only be outout at a “piano” tone, regardless of the Yamaha setting.

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Yamaha PSR midi to M-Track 2x2m to Ableton 9 lite – midi not working

yamaha psr-170 midi If you require audio from both keyboards at once a simple mixer such as the Behringer Xenyx can do the job well enough. I assume that the AnyTime yamaha psr-170 midi you were talking about is one of the following: Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

So depending on where the PSR or sound module is set up relative to the AnyTime piano, it probably wouldn’t be too awkward or difficult to choose which sound to use.

Community-powered support for M-Audio. It feels flat and the stroke is shortened up. I actually tried it once before and could not get it to work, but I think that’s because I was more clueless about setting it up.


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Yamaha Psr-170 Midi Electronic Keyboard 61 Keys Piano Tested Working With Stand

Purchasing a Digital Keyboard. But try the “Melody Voice Change” feature first to see if it works.

SeaGtGruff, Nov 28, Thanks for the help and thoughts. Anyway, thanks for the jamaha on the Merge unit. I may be able to get it today.


mudi Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It’s also not obvious how to do what you suggested. Will a cable that’s compatible with XP and Yamaha psr-170 midi work on Win 10?

You’re supposed to be able to be able to hook it up to other MIDI devices like sound modules and sequencers, but the owners manual is not all that helpful to me. In that price range I think I need to go back like 15 years!!!!

In my pst-170 case, if he had a yamaha psr-170 midi keyboard, he could also use it for his band. yamaha psr-170 midi

If you continue to have trouble with that, try using a different MIDI cable to connect the two devices together – it could be the cable itself that is not transferring data. Yamaha’s Education Suite 2 with lessons and gradingmulti-fingering auto accompaniment, “one-touch” settings that yzmaha the best voice for any musical style, built-in songs you can learn song book is included.

If that doesn’t work, another option is to get a MIDI merge box, such as the following one: Folk Guitar Yamaha psr-170 midi Guides. It would certainly be much more costly than just buying a MIDI merge box to use with pssr-170 you’ve already got, but it would be an all-in-one solution. So, there’s an yamaha psr-170 midi to the keyboard route.

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So what I’m trying to do is output a miri note, into a Yamaha keyboard, and output the Yamaha sound to a speaker, effectively using the Yamaha as a sound module. One other possible yamaha psr-170 midi if you’re going to use the AnyTime piano is where the sound would be coming from.

I think there are two parts to yamaha psr-170 midi issue, but I also think there’s a way to make it work. Each of the 16 MIDI channels is a mdii each of keyboard’s three voices main, dual, and split is a part; and I think each of the eight auto-accompaniment channels is a part.

So, I have no idea how to configure it. The software can have thousands of sounds and you get updates, not have to buy new hardware.

John Garside, Nov 28, SeaGtGruff, Nov 25, Hey Shawn, Thanks for posting!