Based on the NE chip. Reference unknown; see Jayhawk disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DXBC desktop motherboard. Paxville , a town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Intel company press release. Probably named after Boxborough , a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

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Reference unknown; see Jayhawk disambiguation for possibilities. Quad-core Xeon processor, the intended successor d865gbf d865perc Tulsa. Reference unknown; see Glenwood disambiguation for possibilities. Calistogaa city d865gbf d865perc Napa County, California. Itanium 2 Montecito with only two cores. Successor to the Conroe Core microarchitecture. Cancelled in favor of the Tehama chipset. Based on the PI controller chip Tabor 3.

Reference unknown; see Kedron disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DQ67SW desktop motherboard. Intel WX58BP workstation motherboard. Also the codename of servers containing this motherboard.

Atom, D865gbf d865perc, and N processors, aimed at low-cost applications.

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Hyper-threading technology, Intel’s term for simultaneous multithreadingintroduced d865gbf d865perc the Foster MP Xeon processor. D865gbf d865perc CT desktop Ethernet adapter. Possibly a play on the name of Intel researcher Richard Livengood, or reference to Livengood, Alaska.


Intel DPBZ desktop motherboard. Intel DQ43AP desktop motherboard. Yam KinneretIsrael’s largest freshwater lake. ATX d865gbf d865perc factor, Slot 1chipset Camino. Atom CPU integrating technology licensed from Nokia and aimed at smartphones. Itanium series, the seventh-generation Itanium.

Intel X and XE chipsets, higher performance versions of Grantsdale. Developed jointly by Intel and IBM. Reference unknown; see Allendale disambiguation for possibilities.

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Gesher d865gbf d865perc renamed to Sandy Bridge to comply with the new rule. Intel DXCV desktop motherboard. Probably named after Boxborougha town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

First Xeon processor to use the NetBurst microarchitecture. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname.

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d865pfrc Successor to Ibex Peak. Intel and d865gbf d865perc mobile d865gbf d865perc, used with Pentium 4 CPUs.

Based on the EY controller chip Gamla. Braidwood picks up Robson’s dropped ball”. Intel DP35DB desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Millington disambiguation for possibilities. Quad-core, consisting of two dual-core Woodcrest dies on a multi-chip module.

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OEM board for Gateway. The Klamath Riverwhich flows through Oregon and California and is the name of adjacent counties in both of these states. Retrieved 24 D865gbf d865perc Reference unknown; d865gbf d865perc Tanglewood disambiguation for possibilities. The first dual-core Xeon, essentially a dual-core Irwindaleand similar to the desktop Smithfield.


Intel Turbo Memory for desktop systems. Reference unknown; see F865perc disambiguation for possibilities. Reference unknown; see Little River disambiguation for possibilities. Reference unknown; see Sonoma disambiguation for possibilities. The and are bit, while the N and N are bit. D865gbf d865perc a Banias -based Celeron M with the L2 cache removed.

Intel DH67CF desktop motherboard. Uses the V chipset Springdale-GV. Intel DH67CL desktop motherboard.