String from Donny Sangster – thanks. Xperia is full of troubles when we try to unlock it. String from Sam McCommons – thanks. Apparently this is when in desktop mode, when switched to mobile mode the string looks like that below. String from Scott D – thanks. String from Mike Brady and Stephan Sutter- thanks.

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String from palmtt3 well you know who you are – thanks.

LG G3 on android 5. String from Nestor Custodio – thanks. Nestor reminds us that the DS is actually portable whereas the Wii not again is a non-portable swmc. This smartphone is probably smarter than its owners!

String from Kjeld Kahn – thanks. Samsung The company that seems to introduce a new model every 15ms – all with incredibly long names! String from Joe Dolence – thanks.

Changelog – Flashtool

String from Shannon Thorp – thanks. Many thanks for helping ourselves. Samsung GT – S String from Jef Juhri – thanks.

Blackberry Torch with software upgrade Safari version number change. Still with Nexus S and 7 they show stamina at least. String from Johnathan McCormack – thanks. We can unlock this phone for you at unlocking.

Historically HTC products were badged for use by operators. String from Steve Hutch – thanks.

How To Unlock Android (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10) After “Too many pattern attempts”

One of our smart readers responded with a link to Opera’s site which says – roughly – that Opera Mobile is a real browser that can directly access the web – just like regular X10 mini pro semc usb flash and is designed for smartphones whereas Opera Mini is a cut-down browser that needs an Opera server and is typically used on feature phones.


String from Marcus – thanks. Blackberry with version 4. String from David Rose – thanks. HP Touchpad with the now defunct WebOS well this week anyway but who knows they may change their mind – again. Is a hassle to have to use the iphone and be tethered to iTunes all the time. Android Data Recovery really worked!

Apple’s iPad with mobile safari browser under OS 3. String from David Ginger – thanks. String from Jonathan McCormack – thanks. String from Sam Albuquerque – thanks. Just wanted x10 mini pro semc usb flash say thanks for the credit and link.

Info from Mansu Kim – thanks. String from Yuris Inung – thanks. Pocket Internet Explore under Windows Mobile v5. String from Zlatin Ivanov – thanks. String from Eric Bruno – thanks. Treo on Palm OS 5.

String from Devine Smith – thanks. I have the same problem with my X10, demc I really cant remember my gmail account how can I unlock my phone? LG Optimus V model: Mostly tablets and other mobile thingies. Benq mobile phone Model CF61 – details to follow. We are progressively going to add the feature on a browser-by-browser basis for your delight, edification and titillation. Opera Mini browser on Sony Ericsson P String from Michael Sesbreno – thanks.


Yeah from the email client folks. Perhaps the owner tried to access the x10 mini pro semc usb flash site from the phone – just a thought. Motorola Xoom running Android 3 – builds coming thick and fast. String from Ravindra Gautam – thanks.

X10 mini pro semc usb flash from Becky Granger – thanks. Well it says its water resitant. String from Abhimanyu Singh – thanks.

Anyone know the difference between Flsah Mini and Mobile However, after doing a bit of digging I came across a surprisingly simple solution. A Nokia phone the one with a built-in camera.

Best Android Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files from Android

I also have an iPhone and in x10 mini pro semc usb flash opinion, I think the X10 is better. While this is the senc string as shown below the Cricket CAPTR A Bruce writes that this string is only supplied when using normal page view mode, when in mobile mode it generates the follwing:.

We’ve added all the various Windows software for mobiles – what seems to be called generically Windows Mobile – under this section.